Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dear tooth fairy

what do you look like? i watched tinkerbell today and i wonder if you look like her.


please give me coin monies because dollars aren't real monies. i still haven't spent the two dollars you left me last time because i don't think they are real.

please let my daddy come home soon because he hasn't seen my toothless smile yet.

please help the rest of my loose teeth fall out soon because it's fun when my BooBoo pulls them out.

please come tomorrow night because i like to bond with my teeth before i give them to you.

bye, from isla


InYourBoat said...

How many 4 year olds do you know with no teeth? Besides Andrew... but his had been jammed up into his brain.

Melissa said...

That letter is the best! She is so beautiful! What does your dad do to make pulling them so much fun?

Molly W. said...

Ahhh, cutie!

Kjrsten said...

mimi: "we have the movie tinkerbell, I think the toothfairy looks like tinkerbell, I remember when you lost a tooth at the cabin. I want to loose a tooth soon just like you ISLA!"

I dont know any 4 yo with ONE missing tooth... and she has lost how many now?


Kjrsten said...

mimi: "dollars are real money beacuase I used them to buy a zebra postcard pet at target, and dress up shoes too.
why wont you buy any stuff if you have dollar monies?

I like your hair."

anna said...

she has lost 5 teeth now...which means she's made $10 off that toothfairy. whew! and i think mimi's tinkerbell movie is at gannah's house because that's where she saw it.