Monday, April 27, 2009

and tonight we do portland

girls weekend in portland...was amazing. though i would love to divulge the deep dark secrets of the weekend...i just couldn't do that to my girls.

we forgot to take photos most of the time. but we did take one downtown as a group. and i snapped one of laura telling me that the shirt she just tried on might be a "little too small."
so i made her prove it to me and i helped her see that it actually fit just right. that's what friends are for. very cute, laura. {hee hee. sorry but i had to post this for all to see}

friday we hit the road around 2 and took our time getting into the city. on the way down, we hit an antique mall in kalama. then we ventured on. hit pdx. checked into our suite at the hotel monaco. awesome. ate at the red star. shopped until closing. ordered the best pizza from roccos. talked and laughed all night. and fell into our beds giggling to ourselves. the next day was full of shopping downtown, troutdale antique mall, and the woodburn outlets.

it's safe to say that we all wished we had planned for the trip to last one more day...but it didn't. oh well. until next time...


Molly W. said...

Ah, FUN! I'm so glad you got some time away w/ great friends -you deserved it!!

alexismunoadyer said...

ooh lucky duck! That seems so fun!

laurag said...

Anna, what the crap were you thinking posting those haneus (sp) pictures of me. I should have guessed you'd do something irrational. :) I'm glad you posted about our trip, it will go down in history as the trip with the most Diet Coke ever consumed. I love you girls so much. Thanks for the good times woman. Can't wait until our next.

Jyl... said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time but you are all in a little bit of trouble since you practically drove right past my house and didn't stop to say hi!!! :)

Glad you all got a little get away... you all deserve it.


Mandy said...

I ditto Jyl's time we better hear about it! Glad PDX could offer a little fun for you gals.