Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just YOU and I

when brandon is out of town, it can get lonely at night. it's usually just isla and i hanging out, watching tv. tonight we were reading blogs together. and she was doing "homework" practicing writing the letter B. NO her preschool does not send home any sort of work for her to do...she asks me for homework. i'm pretty sure things will change dramatically once she really gets homework.

and she also helped me take a picture to post on kjrst's new blog http://www.haveacuteday.blogspot.com/

once we took my picture, she wanted to pose for hers.

this picture was just hanging out on my desktop...it's one of my favorites of her. she's about a year old here. i HATE how she's getting bigger and older.


Rachel Keller said...

oh Isla looks so much like Macrae in that picture, Bella loves to do homework too-I just wish my older kids liked doing it as much as she does.

Bryn said...

Oh man she is darling in that sleeping picture! I have to agree that she does look like Macrae, which is not a bad thing! He is adorable!