Thursday, September 11, 2008

DO the Puyallup

Brandon and i did the puyallup on monday night with all of our KIDS! don't tell anyone, but i did a few rides...the big white rollercoaster was so exciting when it was over my feet were sweaty! let's not even get into the details of what we ate...let's just say we left no booth unturned.
anyway, today i took the kids to the fair. with a dizzy pass on her wrist, isla really got crazy this year! she seriously did every ride that she was tall enough for. she didn't care about the food...unless YOU think cotton candy is food.


Molly W. said...

Cotton candy is totally food! Adam tried to ask a girl here the other day where he could get some! :) I'm SO jealous I can't do the Puyallup!

Kjrsten said...

pheeew, no one got lost! (can you tell I am still scarred from when I was 5?)