Monday, September 15, 2008

being 1 is COOL

somehow, this guy can't talk yet (unless you count the one or two words he spews out hap-hazardly each day) but he KNEW HE WAS something special today!! he's ONE!!
my favorite things about macrae:

1. he loves to laugh. if you're laughing, he laughs right along with you. if you aren't laughing he likes to find ways to make you laugh (usually just starts laughing).

2. his cheeks. oh man! they are rosy and delicious!!

3. how much he loves isla. when we pick her up from school he gets so excited and giddy!

4. he's a tough-guy. falls down, bangs his head, no problem. 3 shots at his last doctor check up and the guy barely cried for a few seconds. oh, and he can lift 7 pound bags of ice. that's right-SEVEN.

5. his smile. too cute to ever say no to. heck, when i tell him "no" he usually turns to me with a big grin as if to say, "are you sure you can say NO to ME??"

6. he's going to be an awesome big brother. he's so could he be anything else?

NOW let's talk about his STATS:

height: 30 inches
weight: 30 pounds
words: 4 (isla, dadda, uh-oh, NO)
# of teeth: 8
# of days walking: about 45
goals: be a "baller"

let's see do i get this thing into flight??

do you LOVE the bulldog sweater from his ganna? and HE LOVES the mickey mouse airplane from grandma.


Molly Gehring said...

Happy Birthday Chunk. He looks like duffy in that pink polo shirt. And, excuse me - 30 LBS!!! the kid weighs more than Greta. Thats crazy. He really is such a good boy.

Molly W. said...

Yeah, he weighs more than my almost 2 yr old! I truly cannot believe how much older he looks now than when I saw him! A little man you have there, and soooo yummy!

Kjrsten said...

the bulldog sweater! AWESOME gans! Ahhh, 30X30?! He's solid.

Rachel Keller said...

I cannot believe he is 30 lbs. He is so cute...especially in the smily picture at the top of the post. Love the toothy grin. Happy birthday big man!

julie said...

Oh my, what a sweet little man! And he does look older. They do grow up too fast. We miss you! By the way, you all look fantastic in your new family pic.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is already a year old! I hope Ella gets up to 30 pounds by the time she is three. :) I love the main picture with you in the red dress, you sure have cute kids! -M

Rebecca said...

Way to pop that collar! He's such a cutie!

Kjrsten said...

the new family pic in the corner is great, you look gorgeous!