Monday, July 28, 2008

All That Sparkles is Not Lost

the title of my 1983 Young Author's Conference Best Seller...and this weekend my sister, kjrsten, actually recovered the stolen necklace! don't ask me how she did it...clearly, she's a vintage shopper with a keen eye!

she claims she picked it up for me in return for watching her three perfect angels while she was in utah galivanting with our brothers. i was a little jealous that she was going. but in return i got 3 days with her little girls. sure, they slept at Ganzie's house but i got to parade around town with them during the day! oh, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo AND the B&, let me ask you...who really missed out on the fun last weekend? that's right, kjrsten did. yet, i'm the one who got a diamond necklace out of the deal.

thanks, sis.
(by the way, i just updated our summer so scroll down for more)


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! I love the photo update. Totally jealous about the wakeboarding, I haven't done ANY this summer!

sher & zac said...

Wow, what fun you guys are having. Isla is so to see her changes over the year.'ve just got to find the right gown for the sparkles.

Kjrsten said...

I cant wait to see how you mix it up! I can see it now, you will work you magic and possibly pair this stunner with jeans and make it to die for!!

thanks again, as I know when ganzie babysits for me, you and keirra end up babysitting too, because you are awesome sisters like that!

love ur bunz!

Melissa said...

I am super jealous! You are so lucky, what a great sister you have! I miss you guys!