Tuesday, April 8, 2008

miss isla parker

isla was tagged by her good friend ellie call so i am going to share 7 randoms about her and then tag 5 others to do the same...here goes:

1. isla just changed her name to rosabelle but is still getting used to it. when i call her that, she doesn't answer. she has no middle name. (neither did i until i got married)
2. isla loves to play rough with her brother just to show how tough he is. she loves her brother so much, and he loves her too. he's thrilled if she's giving him attention(as long has he is still breathing).
3. isla has 2 loose teeth (she's only 3). she had her full set of teeth including 2 year molars by the time she was 14 months old.
4. isla often tells me that i am her best. meaning, i am her best friend. yea! since i was needing one of those!
5. isla loves to pick out my outfits, jewelry, or hair accessories. she is truly a fashion designer in the making. her favorite thing to do at a friends' house is strip down to her skivvies and put on their clothes or dress up. (a little embarrassing?)
6. isla's favorite foods include broccoli, bananas, oranges, apples, salad, cucumbers, and fruit leather. this girl eats healthier than me on my best days!
7. one of my favorite quotes from her prayers "please bless us that we can be jesus' guys" which i think means, on HIS team.

now, we tag:
meredith madsen
brennan winn
eli mccubbins (a.k.a. crash)
raegan swensen
isabella keller


ashley said...

How cute that the kids are doing it! And to be Jesus' guys- that is the best!

I can't wait until your son starts talking- I bet he'll have a bunch to say!

Kjrsten said...

JESUS GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing so hard tears just came out!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Thanks for tagging Eli... there's lots of good stuff to say about him. Did I mention that he recently changed his name to Aiden? Yup... then he changed it to Jacob... Kids...

Bryn said...

It was fun to hear some cute facts about Isla! I'll have to come up for some for Raegan now. Isla needs to come and teach Raegan (and me) some healthy eating habits.

TheWinnFamily said...

I really do love reading this stuff...makes me feel like we haven't been out of touch for so long! Brennan just responded to Isla's tag. :)

Rachel Keller said...

Don't you love it when your kids call you their best friends-and of course Isla is one of Jesus' guys!

Laura Call said...

Thanks for playing... we adore Isla! You're so lucky that she loves to eat good food. Oh, and seriously, Jesus' guys? She is hilarious... that is the cutest thing ever!

laurag said...

Rosabelle, oh rosabelle, what a beautiful name. Isla is a hoot, she's got the best and most endearing personality in the world. We love her a lot. The things our children will say, I'm glad you're posting all of these cute things on here so you can have a log of everything.