Monday, April 7, 2008

i don't like my name

when i was 4 years old, i went into my mother's bathroom, on my birthday and told her i wanted to change my name to amy. as my birthday present (no less). my mom played along for a while. until she found the perfect way to give me my new name and keep my real one. i didn't have a middle name (now it's my maiden) so she named me anna amy. from then on, to her, i was anna amy. and sometimes she still calls me that.

isla is 3 (will be 4 in 2 months). today, she asked me an interesting question.

Isla: mom, when i was a baby, why did you name me?
Mom: what do you mean? why did i name you isla?
I: yeah, i don't like that name.
M: what name do you like?
I: i like rosabelle. i really like rosabelle.
M: i like isla.
I: well, i want my name to be rosabelle. i like it the best.
M: okay.

needless to say, she's now isla rosabelle. clearly, she's smarter than i was.


TheWinnFamily said...

I like Isla too. :)I remember in HS you telling me that Dyer would be your middle name one day...always thought that was cool.

Tina said...

Waay cute.. How do you pronounce her name.. "Eye-la"?? If so, love it.. If not, can't figure out another way to say it... help. :)

Alisa said...

That is a really cute - circular- story. Never knew it either.

Its too bad we never like the names we are given. I think its mostly when we are young when we are older we just know thats our name and don't think much about it. Except if you are a lady in my old ward who in her 40's! decided to change her name from Martha to McKay. It was really weird. Could you imagine your mom or spouse or whatever changing their name after so long for no good reason other than they didn't like it anymore? People in the ward would slip and call her Martha sometimes and she would get mad.

Kjrsten said...

i hated my name until about the 10th grade. Now I like it. She will do the same, I know lots of people who don't like their names even now (Keith, Pete, boobz!)

Her hair is just so cute! I think it;s time for mimi to follow suite, yesterday she called me in for a "WHYYYYYY-PE MEEEEEE!" and she was sitting with her head back looking up at the ceiling (to pass the time) and her hair was almost in her bum-crack, yeah, it's definitly too long!

Rachel Keller said...

Oh I love the name rosabelle-it is so princess like!!

swizzlepop said...

OMG too funny. I too wanted to change my name to Amy because i felt that my actual name was too long, especially when coupled with my even longer (11 letters) middle name and complicated last name. My mom didn't play along though. Of course now as an adult I like my name and have decided to complicate things even more by adding my married name as a second last name so I now have 4 names which is crazy, but I love it :).

I think both you and Isla have good taste in names. How about Isla Rosabella? Can you tell I'm part Italian with that one LOL.
No matter what she calls herself, she is adorable!