Monday, February 18, 2008

first, let me thank my parents for making me...

oh, wait, first i should thank Diet Coke and Zingers for nominating me. i mean, it's just such an honor to be NOMINATED. and i mean, winning, that was such a pipe dream...but it really DID happen. YOU LIKE ME, YOU REALLY LIKE ME. wait, did i even win? or am i just a runner up? i don't know. but seriously...

now i guess it's my turn to pick three winners of the BLOG-E award. and these winners can either give awards on their blogs or NOT.
and the "E" awards go to...

my sister, kjrsten for her music widget. sometimes i open her blog and leave it open just to hear her tunes. thanks kjrst! love ya sis!!

The Sartorialist because i love his art! his fashion inspires me! and he's a freakin genius.

and #3
I Pray to Gouda because she is my idol and she doesn't even know it.

thank you, thank you. now go and see.


Faith, the Authoress said...

MOI?! Dang, I just got misty-eyed! Little did I know that having you on my Google Reader would produce such wicked awesome benefits. Hootyhoooo!

Kjrsten said...

Thanks, I think? What the crap do I do with it now?