Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Better than me

When I was little my dad used to tell me that I would be a better person than him.  He said that kids are always better than their parents.  My juvenile mind could not comprehend the idea that I would be BETTER than my dad!  The great, amazing, perfect dad that he is! 

And then it happened, I started my own brood and I began to understand...
Somehow mine have been made better than me already.  What a relief! 

 It was Isla's turn to give a talk a few weeks ago.  She wanted to write it all by herself.  Proving my dad right (again) that your kids will just be better than you, here's a copy of her talk.    

And by the way, Dad, Happy Birthday to the best dad a girl could ever have!  I love you!


Rebecca Parker said...

That is so sweet! Especially the spelling...love how they sound things out! Since we have both taught English & now with kindergarteners, I'm realizing how tough our language is to learn with its many exceptions but so fun to see how eager they are to express themselves:)

Lisa said...

oh my gosh melt my heart. I want to squeeze her right now!! You'll have to do it for me ;)

p.s. you never came over this week. I've got a diet coke and girl and scout cookies with your name on it. come and claim them.