Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Thanks to the fact that 2 of my friends "liked" two of his friends, in 1992 we went out on our first date;
It was a Valentines Tolo Dance.  
We didn't really talk, let alone even dance together.

Our jeans couldn't be any tighter (but I'm glad they are back in style. haha)  I'm pretty sure he weighed a buck fifteen.  Luckily my "mall bangs" were tamed-ish that night.   

In 2002 we were reunited.  It took us a couple months to realize we had been meant to be together for every Valentine's Day hereafter.  

love you, babe!


Terra said...

No way! That is AWESOME. And that picture is the best. :)

B.P said...

No way, I weighed a whopping 150 lbs. I have to mention, I love how I shaved my widows peek!! My funny hair.

Rebecca said...

This is so funny Anna!!!I love it and I love the denim shirts!! Made me smile! :)

Laura Call said...

That picture is pure awesomeness!! LOVE the white socks, lol!

Rachel said...

That is to cute for words!

Molly W. said...

That photo is awe.some. As if I didn't love you enough already, ha! :)