Monday, November 29, 2010

thankful for (final)

it's pretty obvious, i have been slacking on the gratitude posts. 

so, let me just sum it all up here since november is almost over!!

1. my sisters (both blood and in-law). they are amazing. they are loving. they lift me up.  they make me laugh. they make me want to be a better sister.  i love them so!
2. my brothers (again, pete, included).  they take care of me.  they make me feel special.  they make me laugh and they even make me laugh WHEN make fun of me.  i couldn't ask for a better band.
3. my childrens. i'm all twitter pated with joy when i kiss their faces and see their smiles.  they are my daily bread.
4. my parents. 
5. cousins. aunts. uncles. and especially cousins.  my own kids and i have it so good in that department!!
6. family movies, games, scavenger hunts, jokes, songs, traditions, and more!
7.  the holidays.  spending time with all of the above
8. Most importantly, my Savior. 

and finally, i will leave you with a little gem from the past week...


Laura Call said...

Hilarious video... Macrae cracks me up, what a character! A very CUTE character!

Keirra said...

maa, you pay fooball ith meeee? I love the arm around sonja! so cute!