Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Program

Isla came bounding off the bus. She pulled out this invitation and said, "MOM! i have a program tonight!"

before the program started there was an open house in the classroom. isla is in a.m. kindergarten and emily in p.m. and isla asks me almost every day if she can be in afternoon so she can be with all of her friends. i have been reminding her for 7 months that if she were in afternoon she would miss all of our playdates and trips to the park since the boys nap in the afternoon. she says she would rather be with emily and ellie. too bad since the boys both nap during the time that i would have to pick her up. there's always next year.

the typical spring program
isla's not your typical kindergarten performer. i could hear her all the way in the back! it was hilarious!

i can't believe she is so grown up! 1st grade next year!!


Keirra Dyer said...

i peaked in and saw her on the front row...singing so great! (lilli's was after islas) Did you not get the mother heart swelling when they started to sing...that is how i felt with emma on her kindergarden program, and a little teary eyed! funny what gets ya!

Bryn said...

That is the cutest invitation! How fun that her class did that.

Molly W. said...

so cute! how is macrae's hair so dark all of a sudden?!