Tuesday, April 20, 2010

while dad's away

last week brandon was in cananda for dental conference. so i took the kids to the spring fair.

i got there and realized i had completely forgotten my camera! not to worry, the old point-and-shoot was still in my purse. i was a little worried about how i would wrangle all three kids by myself. let's just say that i don't know how i would have done it if i did have my camera with me. the p&s is obviously no comparison in picture quality to my DSLR, i'm a little sad. but at least i got a few photos from the day.

they had pony rides this year. it was the only thing the kids could think about once they saw those horses! it cost one token to ride. macrae was a little obsessed with his token.

isla has been crazy about horses ever since we tried to take her on a pony ride at ocean shores but the small horse was hurt so she didn't get to ride. she might take marion's place in the family as the horse girl.
macrae thought he was a real cowboy because the pony ride guys told him so.

ofcourse, isla remembered the fall fair and HAD to take her brother on her favorite "ride."

but macrae loved the airpanes ride the best.

rhettsy was a good boy in the stroller the WHOLE TIME.

and don't worry, i didn't leave without a few scones for myself. one now. one for after. and one for after, after.

post edit: i just noticed macrae is wearing the same shirt he wore to the fair last year! that is awesome!


Keirra Dyer said...

all my yourself? you are brave and awesome! where are my carmel apples??

Molly W. said...

okay mom of the year!! way to go!! Macrae is just getting too big I've decided. And Rhett...oh my I need to see that boy. Isla, sweet girl as always. xo

Laura Call said...

Looks like such a fun time with the kids! Pony rides are the best!! The picture of Macrae on the pony turned around looking at you with the big cheese grin is the cutest thing ever... I LOVE that picture!