Thursday, July 9, 2009

this is for my homies

do you have any friends you were so tight with you thought for sure you would never grow apart, forget the good times, and move on {a.k.a grow up}?

to my high school homies...this post is for you.

remember when we ran from our parents, cruised bridgeport, hung at hoagies, "signed" yards, rolled down hills, laid in the grass, jumped on trampolines, ate at cafe wa, bummed around sunnyside, jumped from bridges, snuck around the sand pits, rollerbladed at ruston, danced around beach campfires, swam at horshoe lake, drove cars we didn't pay for, and cared for nothing other than being out...together? i do.

i don't think about it often. but last week one of my long lost homies returned. {for those of you who know this guy...i bet you haven't seen him in 10 years}

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