Monday, June 22, 2009

we invite a few princesses

our isla turned 5 on saturday. i can't believe how fast life goes! we invited booboo and her grandparents over for birthday breakfast and cake! oh, and and as you can see, we had a few princesses come too.

she got a bike this year! and she already proclaimed that she wants to learn to ride on just two wheels.

that night isla prayed that she wouldn't "cry or whine anymore" because she is "big now." and she is proving it to us by being helpful with her brothers as well as NOT crying or whining.

i can't believe she is going to kindergarten next year. i haven't signed her up yet because i am so sad about it. maybe if i don't sign her up she can go back to miss robin's preschool??? i will miss her so much! she's my little companion and friend. on the day she was born, i realized how precious life truly is, all from looking into her eyes.

Isla is plenty spunky and knows what she wants. She also has a tenderness and loves learning about Jesus as well as singing songs in primary. her favorite song is "Scripture Power" although most of the time she asks me to sing "I love to see the temple."


Molly W. said...

Happy Birtday Isla!! What a fun day you had!! (those cupcakes look delish, Anna!!)

Veronique said...

Happy Birthday Isla! Hope it was a perfect day.