Saturday, February 28, 2009


(warning: long post with many pictures...i apologize for cramming it all into one posting...and i want to apologize to kjrst for stealing all of her good ideas)

just a short week ago the dyers gathered at a cabin (yes, all of us in one house!)in midway, utah to celebrate the forever love of keith and jenny.

union finalized at the Mount Timpanogos Temple February 21, 2009

there was some serious relaxing and lots of Ben's cookies...

here's a little recap on the weekend events:

thursday the kids spent most of the day in the copious snow outside the cabin

the next day was snow day for the big kids at Park City
(thanks brandon, for taking one for the team so i could hit the slopes! you are awesome and i love you!)

a little pre-wedding dinner at the Market Street Broiler Grill. the entertainment included embarrassing moments shared in speeches, family slide shows, and a little song by Duff and Andrew. there were so many of Keith's most loved people in attendance i can't possibly picture them all. here's a few...

the big the temple

oh, the day didn't end there...a beautiful ring ceremony at heritage gardens~gorgeous!

keith was a 6 year old boy on christmas morning!!

regardless of what sophie was texting to her friends...this reception was OFF THE HOOK!

we welcome jenny into the "dyer sisterhood" and rejoice for our keeber who found his tenderr roni.

Let LOVE Rule!

(thanks kjrst for the photos. i don't enjoy piracy but in light of the fact that i had my hands quite full the whole weekend, i did not take one picture myself. i couldn't have taken pictures a quarter this awesome anyway. to see more of her amazing talent please click here )


Molly W. said...

You went almost a whole month without a post!! Way to make up for it though!! Congrats to Keith and Jenny!!! Looks like a BLAST and you look absolutely gorgeous!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kjrsten said...

swiper no swiping!

Libby said...

weddings are so much fun! they look absolutely beautiful! what a fun time!

alexismunoadyer said...

good work swiper! kjr is so talented! you look so beeeeeeeautiful in the pic of you and your manfriend

Rachel said...

what a fun weekend for everyone, I can't wait to see you saturday!

S and K said...

What a great re-cap!!! It looks, and sounded like the best party in town! It only makes me more bummed I didn't get to go with Scott. He had a blast though!!! He needed a little refresher so everyone wins!!! Plus a good 'ol reunion with the guys, I would have just gotten in the way!!! :) haha I'm also so HAPPY for Keith and the adorable Jenny!!! Sounds like he hit the jackpot!!! Way to go Keith! Also so sad I missed out on seeing you guys and your adorable, adorable, adorable (I could go on by the way!) family!!! But at least we have the wonderful world of blogging to keep in touch better!

Margie and Chad said...

Anna! Please tell Keith I said congratulations... maybe he won't remember me but congrats to him!! You're children are out of this world cute! And the other day I sprayed some body spray on me that reminded me of the summer in Minnesota. You were the first person I thought of! I hope you are doing well!

Andrea said...

That little pic of Macrae in the snow with the mountains in the background is awesome. It looks like something from a vintage Better Homes. :-) Great pics and I love your fam.