Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Banks Lake, baby!

it isn't summer without steamboat rock. unfortunately, brandon couldn't make it this trip due to work conflicts. so i was going it alone and i did take note of which child was easier on the beach than the other. wonder which one?? this year macrae decided to smuggle some of steamboat's sand home with him. just how many pictures can one mom take of her son eating sand???

ganz was teaching isla kneeboarding techniques since SHE IS THE PRO.
Stella helped isla get the courage to swim without a life jacket!

whose bum is whose?? AND whose bum is the biggest...???


TheWinnFamily said...

That last pic is classic! Love it!!

Candace MacPherson said...

Looks like so much fun Anna. Glad you're having a great summer.

Laura Call said...

I love these pictures! Especially the one of Macrae where he's standing straight up looking all confident at the camera like, "hey mama, I got this walking thing down... and by the way, I'm a stud!"

Isla looks like a little model sitting on the beach. She's looking so grown up!!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love all the swimsuit tan lines on the bums.

Robbie and Katie said...

I started a blog and want you to be my blogger buddy. rkglazier.blogspot.com

Love, Katie

P.S. I heard about that sand-eating baby of yours. Have you considered the possibility of an iron deficiency? On second thought, that kid's probably not missing out on nutrients of any kind. Your babies are darling!